Covid 19 Blinds

Updated 5th Jan 2021

We are still able to offer our blinds measuring and fitting service in the North West during the restrictions. In order to keep our staff and customers safe we are working to the following guidelines.

  • We will check that nobody in the house is shielding or self isolating before making an appointment
  • Our fitters will perform an electronic temperature check on themselves before entering your property.
  • Our fitters will wear a mask or faceshield at all times whilst in your property. If you have a mask yourself we’d appreciate it if you would wear it whilst we’re at your property. 
  • We will ask each customer to use antibacterial gel if they ask to touch samples 
  • We will expect customers to use common sense to respect a minimum 2 metre social distance 
  • If there are young children in the property we’d ask you to take steps so not to affect social distancing rules.
  • When we come to install the blinds we will ask customers to social distance and if possible use another room
  • We will ask customers to move any household item that may obstruct the fitter in order to reduce touch points. 
  • We reserve the right to decline to enter a property if we have concerns.

Before booking an appointment, please ensure that nobody in the house has shown symptoms for at least 14 days. We will not visit any property where people are required to shield.

We trust that you support us in keeping everyone safe during these extraordinary times.