Day & Night Blinds

Day & Night blinds, sometimes known as Night & Day blinds, are perhaps the most requested style of window blind this year, and it’s easy to see why! Giving the perfect balance between privacy and light control, day and night blinds are here to stay.

What Are Day & Night Blinds?

A day and night blind is a variation on a traditional roller blind. the main difference is in the clever bottom bar design which incorporates an internal roller. A long length of fabric consisting of alternating panels of opaque and translucent material is attached to both the upper roller and the leading edge of the headrail. The bottom bar roller is suspended by the fabric as it passes through it.

When the controls are operated, the blind material rolls off the top roller (or back on if the blind is being retracted) and as it does so the user can choose between opaque or translucent alignment of the panels to control light and privacy. The video below will perhaps clarify.

Where Can I Buy Day & Night Blinds?

There’s a couple of options when choosing Day & Night blinds, if you live in the North West, then there’s a good chance that we have fitters who cover your area. If you click on the menu above you’ll see an item called areas that we cover. You can click here to arrange a free blinds quotation. We guarantee to beat any genuine like for like quote and our fitters carry a huge choice of day & night blind fabrics that you can choose from.


Day & Night Blind Offers

Alternatively, if you wish to save even more money you can buy made to measure day & night blinds from our online blinds shop. We have a dedicated order helpline also if you need assistance or have any questions when ordering. Measuring and fitting is simple and requires only a few basic tools. We offer the lowest price Night & Day blinds in the UK and what’s more we even deliver them for free!

Day & Night Blinds

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