Best blinds for privacy

Choosing the best blinds for privacy

Blinds are not only a practical window covering but also an essential element in maintaining your privacy at home. Whether you live in a bustling city or a serene countryside, finding the right blinds can make a significant difference in keeping your private space truly private. In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons…

Best Blinds

Choosing the right window blinds for a cozy Winter

As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, we find ourselves seeking warmth and comfort within the confines of our homes. Winter brings with it a unique set of challenges, including the need to conserve energy and maintain a cozy atmosphere. One often overlooked aspect of winter home comfort is the choice of window…

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Blinds For Business

We are more than happy to receive enquiries from the trade. We already supply other blind companies, carpet shops and curtain makers on a supply only basis from all areas of the UK

Conservatory blinds

Get Your Conservatory Ready For Summer

It’s that time of year already, the birds are more active, the sun has that purpose about it and new life is sprouting everywhere as Spring arrives. Now’s always a good time for us to come out of hibernation and to get the place ready for those long lazy evening meals around the BBQ and…

custom printed roller blind

Custom Printed Roller Blinds

Gaining a competitive edge in business is always at the forefront of any business owners mind. Brand awareness and publicity opportunities are often costly but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Just Blinds are now able to custom print any design onto a roller blind. The opportunity that this offers is tremendous. Already…

Our New Fabric Books Are Here!

Each year we introduce some new blind fabrics and retire others. As you’d expect, the two colours that are the most popular are white and cream, followed closely by greys and blacks. In addition to our standard range, we also offer a wide range of coloured and patterned fabrics, We have thousands to choose from.…