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We are more than happy to receive enquiries from the trade. We already supply other blind companies, carpet shops and curtain makers on a supply only basis from all areas of the UK

Replacement Slats for Vertical Blinds

Fashion and taste change over time. It only takes a moment to look in the depths of our wardrobe to find that something that we loved 5 years ago, now deserves to go to the charity shop. The same goes for our soft furnishings and accessories. Whilst our sofas and main items of furniture may…

interior design colours 2018

New Interior Design Colours Spring 2020

It’s that time of year again when we start to come alive after a long winter and we notice that various rooms around the home are in need of a little colour therapy. When looking for inspiration you may turn to Pinterest and in doing so you might possibly notice a particular trend in so…

Office Blinds

Best Blinds For an Office

Whether you have a small or large office, having the right office blinds can improve the working day. Some office blinds provide aesthetics more than functionality, and others provide both. Various styles of blind offer special functionality, such as glare control, fire safety or blinds that are safe for schools, nurseries or hospitals. Let’s look…

wood blinds

The Best Wood Blinds

Wood blinds add an unrivalled look any room, there’s something that a wood blind offers that no other blind can, a sense of calm and a touch of class but natural wood does have it’s drawbacks. Being a natural product it is liable to warp especially in damp or humid environments such as conservatories, bathrooms…

Vertical Blinds St Helens

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We have fitted window blinds for over 149,000 customers in the North West and supplied many more around the UK.
If 140,000 isn’t enough reasons to choose Just Blinds then let us give you ten more.